Astralis won their first major


over VP. Great match.





2017 Winter Season

Got a couple good shows this season

Youjo Senki – Oh man, this show is awesome. Getting serious Cross Ange vibes here.

Gabriel DropOut – it’s very funny, kind of like Himouto but no imouto themes.

Anyways, last season kind of sucked. Only good anime was probably Haikyuu. New Game! was ok too. Oh wait, that was summer season. Fall 2017 Anime season wasn’t good…

I just got ripped off by Riot

Went to Worlds, bought Poro King plushie and Championship Riven figure. The figure didn’t include a skin code, and they won’t give me a skin code to replace it.

Corduroy N Corduroy Ninja (Riot Games Player Support)

Nov 5, 17:56 PDT

Hi there,

I’m sorry to see that; I was hoping it would end up being in that bag. Unfortunately, we’re not able to replace those cards or unlock the digital content without a valid code.

Corduroy Ninja
Billing, Merch, and Account Support
“Did you hear me coming?”

Ninjacente me

Nov 4, 21:16 PDT

It wasn’t in the box. Nothing in my worlds bag either except for receipts and goodies from worlds.

Corduroy N Corduroy Ninja (Riot Games Player Support)

Nov 4, 20:33 PDT

Hello again,

Usually the card would be inside the box, although I have heard of it being in the bag alongside the figure box as well. It should have a picture of Riven on it, and information about how to redeem the code.

Corduroy Ninja
Billing, Merch, and Account Support
“Did you hear me coming?”

Ninjacente me

Nov 4, 10:01 PDT

Corduroy Ninja

Was the promo card inside the box? Because I looked there was none inside the box, except for the figure and the card of authenticity.

And if it was separate, the live event staff didn’t provide me with one… actually, I have to go home later and check the Worlds bag to see if they slipped something in there :/

Corduroy N Corduroy Ninja (Riot Games Player Support)

Nov 3, 16:43 PDT

Hi there,

I’m sorry for the confusion. The Championship Riven figures purchased at live events came with a special promo card that had a code and instructions for how to redeem that code. However, because purchases at the live event are not handled by our system, we cannot verify or replace those cards if they are lost or stolen.

Corduroy Ninja
Billing, Merch, and Account Support
“Did you hear me coming?”

Ninjacente me

Nov 2, 17:42 PDT

Corduroy Ninja

I’m not asking for a refund or return. I’m just disappointed in the way you guys handle transactions at live events. The fact that the online store gets a free skin code, and the live event store didn’t wasn’t highlighted.

You guys didn’t have a sign or notice at any of the stands at the Staples center letting your customer know that. I only found out after I went back to my hotel room and opened the box. The stadium had a no re-entry policy, so I can’t go back to return it anyways.

This is the description on your website
“Throughout Worlds, the Championship Riven figure also includes a digital unlock of her 2016 Championship in-game skin.”

It does not mention it is an “online exclusive” only. It mislead the customer, me, into thinking I would get the skin if I purchase it even at the venue/live event.

Isn’t that false advertising? Your response seems like dodging responsibility. You’re trying to wash your hands off this by claiming the live event merch store isn’t connected to your system so you can’t look it up.

That’s unfortunate, but you should own up and fix it instead of having your customer pay for your oversight. I’ll have to think twice/thrice before buying from Riot merch store again.

Corduroy N Corduroy Ninja (Riot Games Player Support)

Nov 2, 15:58 PDT


Unfortunately we are unable to refund or return Merchandise purchased at live events.

Transactions at live events use a separate checkout system, so we are unable to look them up. We are really sorry for the inconvenience, but due to this limitation we can only make exchanges at the time of purchase during the event.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Corduroy Ninja
Billing, Merch, and Account Support
“Did you hear me coming?”

Ninjacente me

Oct 30, 08:32 PDT

I bought championship Riven at Worlds, it didn’t come with skin code. If I had known that would’ve just bought it online :(. All I got was the card of authenticty ———. Can you guys give me the riven skin code? I feel ripped off.


Yeah, so their excuse is the “system” isn’t under their control, so they don’t have a record. If Riot wants to control everything, then why do they not have their merchandise store in their system? Why is it a “separate” system that is out of their control?

I’m never buying anything from them at live events again. I’ll probably think twice before buying something on their website too. Man, this sucks.

FB streaming with Blizzard

It’s very basic.


Max is quality is 720p, all the other options are standard. GeForce Experience have those, and higher quality video options. A friend said it doesn’t matter, because Twitch doesn’t stream high quality anyways unless you’re a paid user. Not true, I checked their “Turbo” subscription and it’s mostly chat features and video storage (vods).

twitch turbo.png

So, if you have a free Twitch account, you can still stream in Full HD.

For software, OBS (open broadcaster software) is the best feature-wise. You can add custom overlays, and it has support for plugings. However, it sucks at streaming Overwatch for some reason. On 1080p setting, it’s choppy and really bad.

FB and Nvidia has an “overlay” setting, but that’s just for their program, so you can tell if you are streaming. Not actual overlay, with custom .png (with transparencies, e tc).

So for now, Nvidia has the best software for streaming in Full HD. But you’ll need an Nvidia GPU for that.

everyone’s getting into this streaming thing

Facebook announced this:

bnet streaming.png

So far, the best platform I’ve found is through Nvidia GeForce Experience, but it has limited features and options. I don’t know if this Blizzard/Facebook streaming has good quality or not, or if it has many features. Will have to test it later.

The one advantage I can think of for using FB streaming over Twitch or Youtube gaming, is privacy. On Twitch/Youtube, any stranger can watch you play. On FB you can stream to friends only. That’s nice.