FB streaming with Blizzard

It’s very basic.


Max is quality is 720p, all the other options are standard. GeForce Experience have those, and higher quality video options. A friend said it doesn’t matter, because Twitch doesn’t stream high quality anyways unless you’re a paid user. Not true, I checked their “Turbo” subscription and it’s mostly chat features and video storage (vods).

twitch turbo.png

So, if you have a free Twitch account, you can still stream in Full HD.

For software, OBS (open broadcaster software) is the best feature-wise. You can add custom overlays, and it has support for plugings. However, it sucks at streaming Overwatch for some reason. On 1080p setting, it’s choppy and really bad.

FB and Nvidia has an “overlay” setting, but that’s just for their program, so you can tell if you are streaming. Not actual overlay, with custom .png (with transparencies, e tc).

So for now, Nvidia has the best software for streaming in Full HD. But you’ll need an Nvidia GPU for that.