FB streaming with Blizzard

It’s very basic.


Max is quality is 720p, all the other options are standard. GeForce Experience have those, and higher quality video options. A friend said it doesn’t matter, because Twitch doesn’t stream high quality anyways unless you’re a paid user. Not true, I checked their “Turbo” subscription and it’s mostly chat features and video storage (vods).

twitch turbo.png

So, if you have a free Twitch account, you can still stream in Full HD.

For software, OBS (open broadcaster software) is the best feature-wise. You can add custom overlays, and it has support for plugings. However, it sucks at streaming Overwatch for some reason. On 1080p setting, it’s choppy and really bad.

FB and Nvidia has an “overlay” setting, but that’s just for their program, so you can tell if you are streaming. Not actual overlay, with custom .png (with transparencies, e tc).

So for now, Nvidia has the best software for streaming in Full HD. But you’ll need an Nvidia GPU for that.


everyone’s getting into this streaming thing

Facebook announced this:

bnet streaming.png

So far, the best platform I’ve found is through Nvidia GeForce Experience, but it has limited features and options. I don’t know if this Blizzard/Facebook streaming has good quality or not, or if it has many features. Will have to test it later.

The one advantage I can think of for using FB streaming over Twitch or Youtube gaming, is privacy. On Twitch/Youtube, any stranger can watch you play. On FB you can stream to friends only. That’s nice.


Some Benchmarks on “old” system

So my previous system had two Radeon HD 7970. One died, ok whatever. Then following month second one died. Had no GPU, got a R9 270 to use temporarily while I build new system.

Anyways, ended up getting a second R9 270x. Difference between 270 and 270x is 30W TDP and 10% performance, according to internet. But they have same chipset, so can crossfire them.

So now my old system has 270+270X in Crossfire. I did Furmark, Unigine Heaven, Unigine Valley, and FFXIV Heavensward benchmark on it. (used Highest presets for each benchmark, and 1080 FHD preset for Furmark).

System info:

cpuz 5.pngcpuz 4 crop.pngcpuz 1.pngcpuz 2.pngcpuz 3.png


Furmark 2.png



Unigine Heaven

heaven benchmark.png

Unigine Valley

valley benchmark.png

91 Days – 07, New Game! – 07

Revenge best served cold, but man this is ice cold. 91 Days is one of the stand out shows this season. Great plot (actual plot, not fan service) and pacing. The show reminds me of the “Godfather” through and through, and it’s awesome.

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 07 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_24.07_[2016.08.21_20.53.33].jpg

Even Anime is in on the Harambe memes… With that said, “New Game!” is another good one this season. The art/character design is cute, and punchline delivery is on point. Get to learn about the video game making industry (in Japan anyways, not sure about rest of the world). There are so many good frames/scenes that can be made into gifs.. when I get the time.

[HorribleSubs] New Game! - 07 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_05.12_[2016.08.21_19.02.36].jpg

Overwatch good times.

I just got accused of hacking for the first time today xD… that means my Widowmaker gameplay is good enough for people to be salty about it

https://www.twitch.tv/segster/v/84834003  (it’s waay at the end of the video, other guy said “nice hacks” and “reported”. salty af).

I’m not even that good as Widowmaker. Just learn by watching Kephrii (https://www.twitch.tv/kephrii)

P.S. I used to be guilty of accusing others, too. Until I realized I was bad at the game, and the other person just outplayed me. So I understand the accusation. :/ oh well.