2016 EU LCS Summer Split

Giants are in third place… I don’t even… how? G2 in first is the only constant. OG bottom of the league. This split doesn’t make sense -_-. Fnatic… disappoints.

eu lcs.png


The Phoenix Rises!


dyrus - this is my life now 2dyrus - this is my life now

Also, CLG won… After TL stomped them in game 1, I stopped watching. Should’ve had more faith 😐

Anime Expo 2016

Was pretty fun this year, since I went with my brother and a friend. Did a lot of stuff there. Went to eat around L.A., too.

Also, weather was on average 10-15 degrees cooler than previous years (which were sometimes in the 100’s). That helped, a lot.

Not planning on going next year. 4 years is enough I guess.  Should vacation somewhere else.