The Drop

Oh yeah I also watched The Drop yesterday too. Forgot all about it though, so it goes to show how forgettable that movie was. Pretty boring.


Terminator Genysis and Nebraska

Watched Genysis, it was ok. I liked it, it’s not going to win any awards, but it was ok. I liked how Emilia Clarke’s character (Sarah Connor) called Arnold (T-800) “Pops”. That’s endearing. Feel like Arnold’s everyone’s “Pops”.

Then I watched Nebraska. It was sad. It wasn’t entertaining. I guess it’s one of those artsy films (the kind you find at Sundance). The whole thing was in black and white, there were few background music. Mostly silence in the background. Will Forte’s character has to help his senile dad get to Nebraska. They stopped at his dad’s old hometown, and people show their ugly side once he told them he won $1 million dollars (though he didn’t; senile).

2016 Spring Fantasy LCS week 3-4

Oh man getting some close matches this year. Last week I was behind for most of the games, then CLG pulled me ahead


This week, I pretty much lost because OG PoE and OG Mithy stinks. But in the end DL got a TON of points, almost pulled off a miracle comeback (was 50 points behind before TSM’s last game Sunday).