Animes this week

Arslan Senki – 19, Baby Steps – 20, Gangsta – 07, Himouto – 06, Non Non Biyori Repeat – 06, and Working!!! – 07:  All doing great. Plot advancing or provided good entertainment.

These shows below, though, I’m going to gripe about….

Charlotte – 07:  Why??? So much sad. (imaged ripped from reddit somewhere). Best girl gone, don’t want to watch show anymore Q_Q


Overlord – 06:  Too slow! The pacing of this show is too damn slow.

Rokka no Yuusha – 07:  Freaking cliff-hangers. The director for this anime is a horrible person. It’s like every single episode ends in a damn cliff-hanger. Also, pacing is too slow. Wtf, they spent 3 episodes stuck in a tomb playing a game of Clue. I thought this series was going to be a good action-packed shonen, but it turns into a dumb drama now.

Akagami no Shirayuki – 07:  It kind of got boring. Standard shoujo anime now…? Nothing really exciting. We all know the two main characters are going to be bffs for life/ happy ending etc.

God Eater – 05:  Cliches everywhere. Seriously. Emo guy doing emo things, going “tch” or kicking Lenka and saying “You’re in my way”. Very cliche. Lenka going berserk because he’s emo lead character. I don’t like the art in this show, the animation is clunky. They spend too much time on slow-mos, and transitions between scenes are slow. There’s moments watching it where I’m just wondering why there’s a 5 second pause on a character’s face and no one’s doing anything. This from an Anime studio like ufotable is disappointing.

Ranpo Kitan – this show is garbage. It just rips off from a lot of other shows, and there’s no plot or interesting characters. It goes for “shock” value and doesn’t even deliver in a satisfying way. “Look, dismembered body parts”, “look evil guy do amputation on innocent girl, so detective became vigilante”. Pointless violence trying to get the viewer to empathize, but it isn’t working. Not a good Anime at all.